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Abeiron Maniakes

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Abeiron Maniakes
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Biographical information
Constancia Constancia
Service/branch Constancian Army
Constancian Air Force
Years of service

Abeiron Maniakes, second and younger son of George Maniakes, is an officer in the Imperial Constancian Air Force.


A child during the first -Euran War when his father's exploits made national attention, he had a typical army brat life, attending military post schools until he was of age to enter the Imperial Constancian Air Force Academy at Astérapolis in 1653, when his father was appointed to the Exkoubitoi of the Constancian Army, and confirmed by the Synklētos to assume the posts of Minister of Munitions and Military Supplies, and Deputy Minister of Defense. Graduated 1657 with the rank of Yposminagos, receiving his first salute from his father. Received pilot training in the A-6 Pundarikam and assigned to Epsilon Moíra at Astérapolis, under the 13th Syntagma (Air Combat), at Nivardom. Promoted to Sminagos on merit in 1660, received pilot training in the F-9 Ashavan II and assigned to the Beta Moíra, at Aqabah. Promoted to Episminagos in 1664 and given command of a flight of his own. Designated squadron planning staff officer in 1665 with flight status, then deputy squadron staff operations officer. Promoted to Antisminarchos in 1667, and alongside assignment of his father as Civil Administrator for Raspur, given staff officer billet in the 2nd Control and Warning Station, Raspur Airport, reporting to the 11th Syntagma (Area Control), at Aqabah, and appointed concurrent aide-de-camp to his father. On termination of father's service as Civil Administrator for Raspur, reassigned to the 13th Syntagma (Air Combat), at Nivardom as air superiority training officer. In 1672, promoted to Antisminarchos and assigned to Air Operations Centre, at Nísos Aigón.

On 1.VII.1699, he was appointed Governor-General of Zylenisí, alongside a reconstituted Dependency Council. Returned from Zylenisí to assume appointment as Stratárchis of the Imperial Constancian Armed Forces on 9.XV.1699 AN, defeating a coup attempt by the Navy and thereby assuming control of the Trans-Euran Continental Theatre Command. He was honoured to receive the surrender of Zeed aboard the KP Týmpana-se-vathiá on 18.IX.1701 AN.


Assassinated by mutinous troops from Raspur in the course of the War for Rosamund's Honor