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1701 Armistice of Alduria City

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Pact Forces

Rank & Name Nationality Post
Stratárchis Abeiron Maniakes Constancia Chief of Staff, Trans-Euran Command
Arteshbod (brevet) Demetrios Thesalonikis Constancia Officer Commanding, 501st Army (Allied Expeditionary Force, Avey)
Corps-General Augusto Landry Nouvelle Alexandrie Officer Commanding, I (Alduria) Combined Arms Corps
Sartip Durmish Khan Suren Officer Commanding, Naval Forces of the Popular Levy and the Brigades of Kapavia

Revolutionary Armed Forces



Armistice Convention with Zeed

1. There shall be an immediate demobilisation of all formations and personnel associated with the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Revolutionary Government in Rusjar.

2. All Raspur Pact prisoners of war and other interned Raspur Pact nationals shall be collected at Rusjar and handed over unconditionally to the High Representative of the Trans-Euran Command within three months of the signing of this armistice.

3. The surrender of all war vessels in Zeedic territorial waters: these ships shall be interned at Avey, except such small vessels as are required for customs, police, and security duties.

4. The cities of Vey and Petros shall be ceded to the Imperial State of Constancia in perpetuity, the Republic of Gur and the city of Zartosht shall be ceded to the Suren Confederacy in perpetuity, and the port of Avey shall be placed under the protection of the Federation of New Alexandria for a period of one-hundred years. The remainder of the Republic of Vey shall remain with the Union of the Republics of Zeed.

5. The Pact shall have the right to occupy any strategic points in Zeed in the event of any situation arising which threatens the peace and security of Eura.

6. The Pact shall enjoy the liberty to use all ports and anchorages presently under Zeedic control. Zeedic mercantile shipping shall be placed under the command of Pact Commissioners appointed to those ports for the purposes of trade and the demobilisation of Zeedic forces.

7. All Zeedic airports, ports, and arsenals shall be open to the Pact.

8. Communication systems operational in Zeedic territory shall be transferred into the control of the Pact.

9. Facilities for the extraction of oil and its refinement into petroleum distilates are to be surrendered to the Commissioners of the Pact. No exports be made except to the benefit of the Pact.

10. Commissioners of the Pact shall be placed in control of the roads and railways of Zeed, with Pact forces to occupy junctions and stations as required.

11. All representatives of Azad Eura, Calbion, Cimmeria and Raikoth, and the Tarr, whether military and civilian, shall be immediately interned and surrendered to the High Representative of Trans-Euran Command in Rusjar within three months.

12. The disposal of the equipment, arms, and ammunition, including transport, surrendered as part of the demobilisation specified in Clause 1, shall be overseen by the High Representative of Trans-Eura Command and his appointed deputies.

13. An appointed deputy of the High Representative of Trans-Euran Command shall be attached to the Revolutionary Government in Rusjar to safeguard Pact interests and to supervise the establishment of a Transitional Government.

14. Zeedic prisoners taken during the war shall remain at the disposal of the Pact for a period of one year from the date of the signing of this armistice.

15. Zeed shall cease all relations with the elements of Azad Eura, Calbion, Cimmeria and Raikoth, and the Tarr.

16. The Revolutionary Government in Rusjar shall reconstitute as a Transitional Government that is fundamentally nationalist and humanist in its essential character.

17. The Transitional Government of Zeed shall undertake to join the Raspur Pact within one year of the date of this Armistice.

18. Hostilities between the Raspur Pact and the Revolutionary Government of Rusjar shall cease from midnight, local time, on 24.IX.1701 AN.


Signed in duplicate on board the KP Týmpana-se-vathiá at Alduria City, Alduria Island, on this day 18.IX.1701 AN




Chairman of the Supreme Council and Premier Secretary of the Union

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