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Frederik Haabye Truls (born 1620 in Jonsvik, Elwynn & died 13.X.1691 AN in Dravotih iker, Elluenuueq) was an Elw Nationalist-Humanist politician and former Prince of the Elwynnese Republic (1676–1683).

The son of the Norse immigrants Torbjørn Edvardssønn Truls and Kari Pedersen Haabye, Frederik was educated in the People's Academy of Elwynn campus in Avaldsnes (now known Dravotih iker). He graduated in 1645 as a civil engineer, specialising in 1648 in computational fluid dynamics. During his student days, he joined the Nationalist and Humanist Party, becoming a member of the Elwynnese student branch board in 1643.

Haabye Truls took on employment in the ESB Group in Eliria, working on structural designs on new ships. He remains employed, though on an extended leave of absence due to his public commitments. His career in public service began in 1656 when he was elected to the Folksraad for the Eliria constituency. He was re-elected in 1660, 1665 (under the Elwynnese Resistance Organisation (ERO) electoral coalition), and 1669 (against under the ERO ticket). After the establishment of the independent Elwynnese Republic in 1672, he was elected to the Elwynnese congress, becoming the congressional leader of the N&H group there and the main opposition leader. As opposition leader, he became popular among the Elwynnese public for his no-nonsense approach. As such, he was atypical among the famous N&H representatives – Haabye Truls was not Babkhi, never emotional, and actually seemed to be a sympathetic human being.

After the 1676 Elwynnese congress election, he became Conducator and leader of the congressional executive, though he resigned soon after having been elected Prince of the Elwynnese Republic in a snap election. Re-elected with 80% of the popular vote in the second round, Truls became the only Prince since the establishment of the Republic in 1653 to have been re-elected, and only the second prince to be re-elected at all.

Rule as Prince

Following re-election the position adopted by Truls in relation to the governance of Elwynn was that the general dispensation would continue and that the Democratic Party of Elwynn, controlling the Conducatorship, would uphold the liberal and socially progressive values of Congressional Elwynn and operate a domestic policy appropriate to that - while the Principate would exercise control over defence and foreign affairs, stepping only into domestic affairs to counter threats to the tranquillity and safety of the Republic where and when they arose and proved to be beyond the means of the Congressional authorities to contend with.

In 1682, not long after securing reelection, Haabye Truls fell ill after contracting smallpox. After almost a year of incapacitating illness, resulting from complications arising from the initial infection, the Council of Eliria removed him (with support of the legislatures of the autonomous republics) from the office of Prince and scheduled new elections.

Later life

With Kamilla Winther and Jael Jemima Truls retaining their commissions with the Court of the Prince they remained behind as Frederik departed Eliria, with the remainder of his household and familia, for Dravotih iker and a long period of rest and convalescence at the family summer house on the edge of the Wintergleam Forest.

During 1684 Frederik's health recovered sufficiently for him to resume conjugal relations with his Second and Third Consorts, resulting in the happy occasion of the birth of his second daughter, Kari Noor Truls, on the 23rd of the third month in the following year.

Following the suicide of Rivka Sendyx, disgraced Commissioner of Foreign Affairs for the Court of the Prince, Frederik was summoned to return to the capital to serve Kamilla by taking over that role. The appointment took effect from 23.XIII.1685 AN.

On 24.IX.1690 it was announced that Frederik had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Although it had been detected in its early stages Frederik nonetheless took the opportunity to announce his retirement from public life. His successor as Commissioner for Foreign Affairs would be Anosh Sarkash, an experienced career diplomat.

In spite of early detection and treatment, the cancer had persisted and soon spread aggressively to other internal organs, including the liver and lungs. After two rounds of failed chemotherapy and surgery, Frederik Haabye Truls elected to end his life via voluntary euthanasia. This duly took place at Huis Truls on 13.X.1691 AN. Frederik expired under close medical supervision, attended by his wives and daughters. The subsequent funeral was to be conducted in accordance with the rites of the Church of Elwynn and, as per the conditions of his last will and testament, concluded with a memorial feast held in Dravotih iker on 24.X.1691 AN. As a former Prince of Elwynn the date of his funeral was declared to be a day of national mourning.


Family life

Spouses & partners

Portrait Name Birth Relationship Commencement & Termination Offspring Death
Kamilla Winther.png Kamilla Winther 03.X.1631 First Consort 11.V.1646

13.X.1691 AN
Jael Jemima Truls 20.XIV.1695 AN
Alissa Guadalim.png Alissa Guadalim 1661 Second Consort 22.IV.1681

13.X.1691 AN
Mariyam Guadalim.png Mariyam Guadalim 1663 Third Consort 22.IV.1681

13.X.1691 AN
Kari Noor Truls


Portrait Name Birth Relationship Mother Death
Jael Jemima Truls.png Jael Jemima Truls 23.VII.1646 Daughter Kamilla Winther 20.XIV.1695 AN
Kari Noor Truls 23.III.1685 Daughter Mariyam Guadalim