Huis Truls

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Huis Truls, the privately owned "summer house" of Frederik Haabye Truls, former Prince of Elwynn, is located in the bailiwick of Dravotih iker on the edge of the Wintergleam Forest.

Formerly the pleasure house set amidst lands held in fief by a Thegn in the Vanic Temple Guard, the property was purchased at auction by the Honourable Company following the Auspicious Occasion of 1651 AN. The site was used as officer billets by the UDF during the War in Wintergleam (1672) before being returned to the Honourable Company shortly after the conclusion of that conflict. Primarily used thereafter for corporate events and hospitality, the house and grounds were purchased by Frederik Haabye Truls in 1675, by private treaty and at a below market price, following the end of his tenure as Conducător of the Elwynnese Republic.

As of 1730 AN the notified owner of the Huis Truls was a trust fund to which Kari Noor Truls was the only named beneficiary.