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Senatorial faction

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Members of Hurmu's Senate of the Lakes group themselves in senatorial factions. Currently, they are, in order of size (with their one-letter abbreviations), the United Ayreonist–Traditionalist Faction or United Faction (U; 7 senators), the Humanist Faction (H; 6 senators), the Conservative Faction (C; 3 senators), and the Faction of Senators of the Post-Verionist Movement, also known as the Verionist Faction or Post-Verionist Faction (V; 2 senators).

Historically, there have also been the Ayreonist Faction (A) and the Traditionalist Faction (T) (which, in 1706, merged into the United Faction). The Einhornist Faction (E) had representation, but its list failed to receive enough votes for re-election in 1712. Similarly, the Nativist Faction (N) failed to be elected in 1695, after which it merged to form the Verionist Faction.

List or Faction

In senatorial politics, a list competes for election, while a faction is the group once elected.