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Daniyal al-Osman

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Daniyal al-Osman
Daniyal al-Osman.png
Former Prime Minister of Hurmu
Began 5.VIII.1690 AN
Ended 11.II.1713 AN (23 AN years)
Predecessor Jan Spiik
Successor Patrik Djupvik
Cabinet 1st cabinet (CDH-LPP-Koos-Mod.; 1690–1695)
2nd cabinet (CDH-Edasi-Mod.; 1695–present)
3rd cabinet (CDHSYEdasi)
4th cabinet (CDHSYTrad.Ayr.)
Party Coalition for Democratic Humanism
Humanist List
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Skin colour Black
Biographical information
Father Tokaray al-Osman
Mother Isabella Simrani-Kalirion
Spouse(s) Liv Dravot (m. 1659, widowed 1664)
Ghawetkiin Enkhjargal (m. 1691)
Date of birth 1645 AN (aged 70)
Daniyal al-Osman
Former Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1.VIII.1690 AN
Tenure ended 24.XV.1712 AN (22 AN years)
Elected 1690, 1695, 1701, 1707
Faction Humanist
Order of the Holy Lakes Lines of Andelarion, Osman and Tahmaseb
Physical description
Biographical information

Daniyal al-Osman (born 1645) is a Hurmu politician of Babkhi heritage, prime minister (1690–1713) and senator of Hurmu (1690–1712). Director of Director of Apollonian Operations for the Honourable Company since 1690 AN. Commandant of the ESB-Holïurs-Afzælt since since 1690 AN. Acclaimed as Archon of the N&H Coalition for Democratic Humanism on 10.I.1694 AN.

The son of Isabella Simrani-Kalirion (1603–1670 ) and Tokaray al-Osman (1582-c.1650), Daniyal al-Osman is a member of both the House of Ayreon-Kalirion and the House of Osman. He is a direct descendant of Prince Andelarion, and is therefore a member by birth of the Order of the Holy Lakes. His siblings are Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion, Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman, Adam al-Osman, and Esmeralda al-Osman.

Married to Liv Dravot née Djupvik from 1659 until her death in 1664. In this marriage, Daniyal explored his wife's Hurmu heritage through intensive studies. He moved to Hurmu in 1689 to assist with the Hurmu Trust Territory's proposed reunification with Lakkvia. Following reunification, he was briefly the minister of fisheries in the cabinet of Jan Spiik (13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690). Despite his short tenure, he is credited with beginning the modernisation of the entire fishing fleet of Hurmu, by securing funds from donors around the world sympathetic to the Hurmu cause.

Following the elections of 1690, he was elected both to the Senate of the Lakes and the premiership of Hurmu. His cabinet was inaugurated on 19.VII.1690. Upon taking office the new Prime Minister, in a gesture of his commitment to the realm, requested of Temüjin, the Khan of Lontinien, the provision of a suitable daughter from his clan to serve as his consort. On the morning of 24.VII.1690, he met with Temüjin's adopted granddaughter, the folk singer Ghawetkiin Enkhjargal. After six hours together, they agreed that they would marry one another, and their betrothal was announced. Their marriage was solemnized in Ghawlama, in traditional Lontinian rites, on 7.IV.1691.

On 7.II.1692, Enkhjargal gave birth to Daniyal al-Osman's son, Temüjin Tokaray Erdenechuluun al-Osman. A daughter followed in 1694 AN, who was announced at a blessing ceremony held in 1697 AN at Ghawlama as Azardokht Boragchin Erdenechuluuniin al-Osman.

Re-elected to the Senate in 1701, he was nominated as Prime Minister once more on 4.I.1702 by the Assembly of Representatives. The Senate confirmed this on 5.I.1702, effective the day after, when Daniyal al-Osman announced his third cabinet.

Preceded by:
Jan Spiik
Prime Minister of Hurmu
Succeeded by
Patrik Djupvik
Preceded by:
Position created
Minister of Fisheries (Hurmu)
Succeeded by
Viljo Kuusik