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Cabinet of Jan Spiik

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The cabinet of Jan Spiik was the first cabinet of the Government of Hurmu. It was inaugurated on 13.VI.1690 following the entry to force of the Vesüha Accords, and resigned on 19.VII.1690 to hand-over to the democratically elected cabinet of Daniyal al-Osman.

Unlike Daniyal al-Osman's cabinet, Jan Spiik's cabinet did have positions for defence and foreign affairs, as these matters had not wholly been transferred the jurisdiction of the Senate yet.

The cabinet of Jan Spiik was a government of national unity, with representatives of all parties in Hurmu except the Heartlanders' Interests League.

Office Holder Tenure Party
Prime Minister of Hurmu Mr Jan Spiik 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Edasi
Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Anskar Isamma 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Edasi
Minister of International Trade Mr Berkejin Tokuremur 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 LPP
Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Ms Eeva Lahesalu 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 LPP
Minister of Transport and Local government Mr Karl Luuk 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Lib
Minister of Justice Mr Aivar Viiding 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Mod.
Minister of Industry Ms Juna Sook 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Lib
Minister of Agriculture Ms Silvia Aldemann 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Edasi
Minister of Fisheries Mr Daniyal al-Osman 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 CDH
Minister of Natural Resources Ms Guðrið Aakarstroym 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 CDH
Minister of Culture Mr Johannes Kampmann 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Koos
Minister of Education Ms Khabichijin Bayanaganengri 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 LPP
Minister Health Dr Reelika Toom 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Mod.
Minister of Social Insurance Mr Olavi Rootare 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Mod.
Minister of Labour Ms Olga Sikkare 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Edasi
Minister for Policing and Security Mr Babakan-e Osman 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 CDH
Minister for the Lake District Ms Vigdis av Reyne 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Koos
Minister for the Southern District Mr Alexander Dival 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Lib
Minister for Lontinien Temüjin Khan 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 LPP
Attorney-General of the Cabinet Ms Runa Sivardottar 13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690 Koos