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Anskar Isamma

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Anskar Isamma
Anskar Kairason Isamma
Former Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1.I.1696 AN
Tenure ended 15.XII.1701 AN (5 AN years)
Elected 1695
Faction Ayreonist (also Edasi Hurmu, Liberals)
Order of the Holy Lakes Andelarion
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Race Hurmudan
Biographical information
Father Kair Siriersson Isamma
Mother Liv Juno Isamma
Date of birth 1622 AN
Date of death 15.XII.1701 AN (aged 79 AN years)

Anskar Kairason Isamma (born in Vesüha (Lakkvia, Craitland), 1622; died in Vesüha, 15.XII.1701) was a Hurmu historian, academic, civil servant, and politician. Senator of the Lakes, 1695–1701. He was the non-member Secretary of the Order of the Holy Lakes 1680–1690, and Chairman of the Hurmu Trust Territory governing committee 1689–1690. Member of the Edasi Hurmu party. Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly of Representatives 1690–1695. Resigned from the Edasi Hurmu party in 1695 in opposition to its choice to enter into coalition with the Coalition for Democratic Humanism. Joined Liberals instead. Elected to the Senate in 1695 for the Ayreonist List. Re-elected to the Senate in the 1701 elections but died from a heart attack before the new Senate would meet. To be given a state funeral in Vesüha.

Published several books on Hurmu history, the most popular of which delineated Hurmu's Menelmacari era.

He was unmarried and had no children. He identified as both asexual, aromantic, and autistic.

Family history

Son of Kair, son of Sirier, son of Marin Rikjudottir, second daughter of Rikja Vanadisardottar. As a great great grandson of Rikja Vanadisardottor, he is related to the descendants of Sara Rikjudottar (wife of Daniel Kalirion, and sister of Marin). In this way, Anskar is a third cousin of Prince Zahir al Din of Shireroth and Natopia, and a third-cousin once removed of Kaiser Ayreon II, and twice removed of the present Princess of Hurmu, Salome.