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Assembly of Representatives

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Plenary chamber in the Parlerment House of the Assembly of Representatives

The Assembly of Representatives (Hurmu Norse: Ombuðsmannatingeð; Lakkvian: Esindajatekoda) is the democratically elected chamber of the Parlerment of Hurmu. It is the lower chamber, with the Senate as the upper chamber.

It has 99 seats, last apportioned in the 1712 Hurmu general elections.

The Assembly of Representatives meets in the Parlerment House.

Current composition

As elected in the 1712 Hurmu general elections.

Party Abbr Elected seats Changes Current seats
Edasi Hurmu EDASI 25 -6 19
Coalition for Democratic Humanism CDH 18 18
Conservative Party of Hurmu CPH 18 18
Social and Democratic Party of Hurmu SDP 8 +6 14
Excluded Middle and Mondo Party of Hurmu EMMP 7 7
Society of Yeshua SY 4 4
Communist Workers' Party CWP 5 5
Koos KOOS 4 4
Hizb ul-ʿUmrāti ul-Hurmu HUHU 3 3
Moderate Party MOD 3 3
Post-Verionist Movement in Hurmu PVMH 2 2
Blue Skies BS 2 2