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Excluded Middle and Mondo Party of Hurmu

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Excluded Middle and Mondo Party of Hurmu
EMMP Logo.svg
Leader Greta Mondosdottra
Founded 21.IV.1710 AN
Headquarters Vesüha
Political ideology Monarchism; Cake consumption
Political position Centre
Colours Palatinate Blue

The Excluded Middle and Mondo Party of Hurmu is a political party in Hurmu, which Mondo announced the formation of on 21.IV.1710, during a Senate debate following Hurmu's constitutional crisis of that year.

In the 1712 election, the EMMP gained seven seats in the Assembly of Representatives. Support was strongest on Samhold Island, where the EMMP secured the sole seat with 17.39% of cast votes; the EMMP was also successful in Amaland (one seat with 11.32% of votes), Al Khadra (two seats; 8.32% of votes), Lontinien (one seat; 6.89%), Rekozemlje (one seat; 6.48%) and Lake District (one seat; 5.32%).

1716 Hurmu Political crisis

Initially regarded as a largely inoffensive fringe party, the EMMP began to show its teeth during the 1716–1717 Hurmu political crisis, after plans to include the EMMP in a caretaker government were leaked to the media and subjected to widespread ridicule. The party's leadership promptly launched a savage attack on their critics, while Mondo himself announced plans to invest heavily in the economies of less-development regions such as Samhold, where support for the EMMP was already strong.