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Communist Workers' Party

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The Communist Workers' Party is a far-left political party in Hurmu, mainly active among secular and socialist expatriate Elwynnese Umraists in Transprinitica. The party is the legal successor to the Elwynnese Workers' Party, whose name the party used in Hurmu from 1705 until 1710. The leader of the party is Arman Qureishi.

The CWP was instrumental in the formation of the Trade Unions Congress of Hurmu, which was to decisively influence the 1718 Hurmu general elections in favour of the Social and Democratic Party of Hurmu. The CWP and the organised labour movement were to subsequently play a major role in the 1719 Hurmu government crisis. The militancy of the CWP was exposed with the publication of the Tiegang Papers, which detailed the the party's systematic covert campaign to acquire armaments from Sanama in the years prior to the crisis.