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Arman Qureishi

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Arman Qureishi (born in Dharmanadi, Elwynn, on 14.X.1671) is an Elwynnese-born secular Agnesian Umraist former politician representing Transprinitica, Hurmu. Leader of the Communist Workers' Party (formerly known as the Elwynnese Workers' Party), and the party's leader in the Assembly of Representatives (1710–1720; sole representative 1710–1712). Abducted from the Transprinitica district of Apollonian Hurmu by the BUDF, with the alleged cooperation or non-interference of local officials, following his election as delegate for the Elwynnese Workers' Party in the 1710 Hurmu by-elections. His last reported whereabouts were aboard a Benacian registered vessel bound for Chryse after departing from Tyrador. Negotiations as to his release or transfer to the protection of a neutral power were ongoing as of the third month of 1710.

The case of the abducted delegate-elect quickly reached the Senate, where a motion ordering his release and confirmation of his elected status in the Assembly of Representatives was tabled by senators for the United Ayreonist–Traditionalist List and supported by the Senators for the Conservative List. However, after fierce Humanist opposition, with Mondo abstaining in the hope of finding a "compromise" to the solution, and the Verionist senator joining the HumanistEinhornist opposition (after securing guarantees that this situation would never happen to Verionists in Hurmu), there was a tie. In line with precedent (that a tie-breaking speaker votes for more debate and against closing debate or adoption), the presiding officer, Li Naomiai voted against the motion.

In the end, the 1710 Hurmu government crisis came to an end with a pragmatic solution, in which, among other things, the EWP agreed to change its name to the Communist Workers' Party, Qureishi was returned to Hurmu, the CWP would vote in favour of the new government, and labour unions would receive stronger protections in the districts of Hurmu.

In 1719, made Deputy Prime Minister of Hurmu in the cabinet of Annika Raudsepp. He escaped during the fall of the Raudsepp cabinet but was arrested in the Green by Hurmu operatives and sent to Transprinitica. Sentenced to social harmonization therapy for sedition in 1720. Remains in social harmonization therapy as of 1730.