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Conservative List

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The Conservative List is a political faction in the Senate of the Lakes, Hurmu. Its popular wing is the Conservative Party of Hurmu.

Political views

Having much in common with the Traditionalist list, the Conservative list puts more attention on foreign affairs and infrastructure.

  • Restoration of the Republic;
  • Neutrality between the Raspur Pact and USSO alliances;
  • Protection of arms rights;
  • Balanced budget, low taxes and free trade;
  • Establishment of a Constitutional Court;
  • Introduction of study visas for foreign students in Hurmu universities;
  • Building of infrastructural links with neighbouring countries, including the Apollonian Express;
  • Introduction of an own currency based on the gold standard;
  • Federalisation of the states with distinct responsibilities and powers

Candidates and representatives

1695 Parlerment elections

  1. Karel des Vinandy (elected)
  2. Elisabeth des Vinandy

1701 Hurmu general elections

  1. Karel des Vinandy (elected)
  2. Jaya Prabhu (elected)
  3. Priya Sinha (elected)
  4. Saurabh Farrah (elected)
  5. Sackhcham Kapudia

1707 Hurmu general elections

  1. Karel des Vinandy
  2. Jaya Prabhu
  3. Saurabh Farrah
  4. Sackhcham Kapudia
  5. Ajatasatru Patil
  6. Padmini Munshif
  7. Priya Kusari