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Traditionalist List

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The Traditionalist List is a political faction in the Senate of the Lakes, Hurmu. In 1703, the Traditionalist and Ayreonist lists agreed to form the United Ayreonist–Traditionalist List by the next elections.

The Traditionalist List is supported by a moderate-to-conservative collection of members of the Order. Its main policies are:

  • Fiscally sensible government
  • Senate and Order to act as checks and balances for the democratically elected government; they will act as the safeguard of democracy and sentients' rights in Hurmu
  • More power to the Senate and Order; the sovereignty of Hurmu is vested in the Order of the Holy Lakes, which shall act as the guarantor of Hurmu sovereignty, independence and security. Thus, the HPC should be outside the remit of the Assembly, and directly responsible to the Senate.
  • Restricted immigration policies
  • Pro-LGBTQIA+ rights
  • Foreign affairs:
    • "Alliance-free": Hurmu to remain neutral between the big power blocks
    • More integration within and expansion of the Xäiville Convention
    • Good relations with all countries in the world, especially the neighbouring ones
  • Defence:
    • Wants a plan for when Raspur troops to leave the country permanently
    • Wants more funding for defence
    • In favour of a national conscription of youths into the Hurmu Peace Corps.
  • Believes it is in the interest of Hurmu to annex more land
  • More cooperation with Lac Glacei on Eesdeheito and Seivannavik. Make deal to guarantee Hurmu ships right of passage through the Nurthaven and Antruusbuurg Canal