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Social and Democratic Party of Hurmu

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The Social and Democratic Party of Hurmu, sometimes known as the Social Democratic Party, is a pragmatic democratic socialist party in Hurmu, founded in 1704 by, among others, the charismatic former Zeedic chairman, Rashid Hasanzadeh, who also led the party until 1717.[1] Current party leader is Annika Raudsepp.

It is a merger of the following parties:

  • Social Democratic Party of Lontinien and Rekozemlje
  • Social Democratic Party of the Lake District – itself a Hurmu successor to Craitland's/Lakkvia's Social Democrats.
  • Democratic Party of the Warring Islands
  • Democratic Party of Transprinitica


  1. ^ Opponents of the party would subsequently have a glorious time pointing to Rashid's unintended contributions to the Raspur Pact's conquest of Zeed, whilst cooler heads wondered whether the individual who started such a misguided conflict could be trusted with the delicate politics of a neutral power balanced between the Raspur Pact and the USSO.