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Jan Spiik

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Jan Spiik
Jan u-Samil Spiik
Former Prime Minister of Hurmu
Began 13.VI.1690 AN
Ended 19.VII.1690 AN
Successor Daniyal al-Osman
Cabinet Spiik (EdasiCDHLPPKoosLibMod.)
Party Edasi Hurmu
Traditionalist List
United Ayreonist–Traditionalist List
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Biographical information
Father Samil u-Layn
Mother Anna Spiik
Spouse(s) Ellen Aarevalla
Date of birth 1645 AN
Place of birth Vesüha (Lakkvia Lakkvia)
Date of death 1714 AN (aged 69 AN years)
Place of death Liderai (Hurmu Hurmu)
Jan Spiik
Former Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1.VIII.1690 AN
Tenure ended 30.XV.1704 AN (14 AN years)
Senate(s) VI, VII, VIII
Elected 1690, 1695, 1701
Faction Traditionalist
Order of the Holy Lakes Line of Haakon Bjarnarson
Physical description
Biographical information
Resting place Palace of the Elenaran

Jan u-Samil Spiik was a Hurmu politician and diplomat. Secretary General of the Micras Treaty Organisation (MTO) (1704–1714), and former senator of the Lakes (1690–1704), and former prime minister of Hurmu (13.VI.1690–19.VII.1690). He was a member of the Edasi Hurmu party and considers himself a Hurmu traditionalist. He was also the last ever Lakkvian prime minister (1686–1690). In the Senate, he chaired the foreign affairs committee and was thus one of the international faces of Hurmu. He resigned his senate seat upon his election to Secretary-General of the MTO.

He was born in Vesüha in 1645 to Samil u-Layn, a school teacher, and Anna Spiik, also a school teacher. Samil is an ethnic Hurmudan and Anna an ethnic Lakkvian. As such, Jan was raised in a bilingual, bicultural home. Upon starting university in 1664, Jan was active in student political movements. He graduated in 1670 with an engineering degree. In parallel to his work as a biochemical engineer, Jan was a local councillor in Nururfiskarvik (a coastal town in northern Hurmu, then Lakkvia) for the Edasi Hurmu party. In 1674, he was elected to the Parliament of Lakkvia. He became the party leader of Edasi Hurmu in 1679. In 1686, the local Lakkvian elections saw a surprise upturn for Edasi Hurmu (who was now campaigning for the establishment of an independent Hurmu state in northern Lyrica). Jan Spiik was therefore invited by King Craitman VII to form a government in Lakkvia with members of other parties. His new government initiated the 1689 referendum on forming a Hurmu state. With the people resoundingly voting in favour of union with Hurmu, he negotiated and signed the Vesüha Accords with the Hurmu Trust Territory, and was named interim prime minister of Hurmu until the 1690 Parlerment elections were over. In these elections, he was elected to the Senate of the Lakes. With his wife, he lead the Senate's committee on foreign affairs. Unlike his wife, he stood for re-election in 1695, and he was duly reelected. Re-elected also in 1701.

Jan Spiik is married to Ellen Aarevalla, a Lakkvian novelist. They have three dogs, and live in the outskirts of Vesüha.

In 1702, he was awarded the Grand Cordon of the Order of As-Saif by Salah Ad-Din Al-Lusirni, the Sultan of Kurum Ash-Sharqia, and in 1712, to Çakaristan's Order of Çakar (first class)

In 1704, he was elected Secretary General of the MTO. As secretary-general, he has overseen the "divorce" of the Convention on the Laws of the Seas from the MTO, as well as the establishment of a new treaty, sponsored by Çakaristan, the Convention on Civil Aviation.

On 11.VI.1714, Jan Spiik and his wife Ellen Aarevalla were travelling in their autonomous self-driving car on the Liderai–Huyenkula highway, when, the car was derailed by a dragon's tail hitting the car. Following the derailing, Spiik and Aarevalla died from their injuries in Liderai General Hospital some three later.


Preceded by:
Marco Lungo
Secretary-General of the Micras Treaty Organization
Succeeded by
Linus Truls Thorgilsson
Preceded by:
Position created
Prime Minister of Hurmu
Succeeded by
Daniyal al-Osman