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Craitman VII

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King Craitman VII

Craitman VII (Andreas Alexis Pellegrino-Brown; born 8.III.1634 AN at Kahthajtensen House, Kahthajtensen) was King of Craitland from 6.V.1681 AN to his death in 19.II.1714 AN, King among the Lakes of Hurmu (between 1689 and 1714), and King of Victoria (between 1702 and 1714). He was the son of Queen Craitman VI (1598–1681, reigning 1675–1681), brother of Prince Edward Pellegrino of New Vaduz. He was married to Eleanor, Queen of Craitland, and his son Craitman VIII is his heir to the throne.

After the Hurmu Trust Territory was founded in the aftermath of the collapse of Stormark, the Order of the Holy Lakes bestowed upon Craitman VII the title King among the Lakes as a gesture of respect for his and his predecessor's rule among the Holy Lakes, in Lakkvia. A year later, Lakkvia and the Trust Territory merged.

In 1702, he changed his dynastic surname from Pellegrino to Pellegrino-Brown after the Declaration of Buthminster found him the most senior heir to the throne of Victoria. He was named King of Victoria then too.