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Craitish people

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Craitish people
Flag of Craitland.png
Flag of Craitland
Total population
~23 million
Regions with significant populations
Craitland Craitland ~22 million
Senya Senya ~258,000
Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie ~167,000
Mercury Mercury ~97,000
Hurmu Hurmu ~60,000
Craitish paganism, none
Related ethnic groups
Kej people

Craitish people, or Craits, (Craitish: Cräiteś /kreɪtɛɣ/) are a Germanic ethnic group native to Craitland.


Craits are a primarily homogeneous people of a shared Caucasian descent. Culturally, Craits have a generally shared identity formulated around values of tolerance and egalitarianism; despite an overwhelming Caucasian majority, Craits and the notion of "Craitishness" are not limited by racial heritage, with a small minority of non-Caucasian Craits having integrated into the nation's populace due to these principles. The Craitish people's culture has led to a nationwide understanding of social responsibilities and a profusely liberal society.


Unlike other ethnic groups, the Craits are not renowned for sizeable amounts of emigration, and there are relatively few Craits living abroad in relation to overall percentage. Other than in Craitland's own historical dependent territorial possessions, such as Incontinentia, Craits have established a recorded minority presence in nations with similar societal attributes. The largest populations of Craits outside Craitland total over 400,000 and are found in Senya, Nouvelle Alexandrie, Mercury and Hurmu.