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Prime Minister of Craitland

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Prime Minister of Craitland
Coat of arms of Craitland.png
Coat of arms of Craitland
Ädel Ämundsdótór.jpg
Ädel Ämundsdótór
since 1.IX.1724 AN
Style Excellency
Residence Oesst Harbór Hóse
Appointer Monarch of Craitland
Term 12 AN years
Inaugural holder Lydveldt-Jon Cólsen
Formation 1520 AN

The Prime Minister of Craitland is the head of the executive government in Craitland.


The Prime Minister's primary position is to act as the head of the Craitish government. They are, by convention, the leader of the most prominent party in the Craitish parliament, whether this be as part of a complete majority or in a hung parliament, and therefore hold both executive and legislative powers. Under the position, the Prime Minister's authority extends to enacting lawmaking agenda, the appointing and dismissing of parliamentarians from cabinet and ministry positions, and overseeing the organisation of all governmental departments. The Prime Minister is also the official voice of the Craitish executive, and deals directly with the monarch in regards to enacting law and requesting ceremonial permissions.


The Prime Minister is elected through Craitland's general election votes, using the mixed-member proportional representation system. The party which gains the most seats in the election leads the government, either as a majority, minority or coalition, with the party's leader, who would have been named as the first candidate on the electoral list by default, becoming Prime Minister. Following the result of the election, the new Prime Minister must gain the monarch's permission to establish a government in what is essentially a symbolic act of protocol.

In accordance with regulation, an individual is not eligible to hold the position of Prime Minister for consecutive terms; that is, more than one Gregorian year (four AC years; twelve AN years). However, non-consecutive terms are permitted with no limit of number, although no former-Prime Minister has yet been re-elected to the position.

List of Prime Ministers

Picture Name Period Party
1 Lydveldt-Jon Cólsen.jpg Lydveldt-Jon Cólsen 1.IX.1520 AN – 1.IX.1532 AN United Conservatives
2 Alexis Gilseb.jpg Alexis Gilseb 1.IX.1532 AN – 1.IX.1544 AN Social Democrats
3 Kraig Zyxsen.jpg Kraig Zyxsen 1.IX.1544 AN – 1.IX.1556 AN Social Democrats
(coalition with Solidarity)
4 Ed F'elnór.jpg Ed F'elnór 1.IX.1556 AN – 1.IX.1568 AN United Conservatives
5 Juliaĵ Yaqinsen.jpg Juliaĵ Yaqinsen 1.IX.1568 AN – 1.IX.1580 AN United Conservatives
6 Hjaņ Leone.jpg Hjaņ Leone 1.IX.1580 AN – 1.IX.1592 AN Social Democrats
7 Jan Loresen.jpg Jan Loresen 1.IX.1592 AN – 1.IX.1604 AN Social Democrats
8 Älison Jorgeņ.jpg Älison Jorgeņ 1.IX.1604 AN – 1.IX.1616 AN Liberal-Centre Alliance
(coalition with United Conservatives)
9 Äthen Gaär.jpg Äthen Gaär 1.IX.1616 AN – 1.IX.1628 AN United Conservatives
(coalition with National Party)
10 Andre Karisson.jpg Andre Karisson 1.IX.1628 AN – 1.IX.1640 AN Social Democrats
11 Hjaņ Berntsen.jpg Hjaņ Berntsen 1.IX.1640 AN – 1.IX.1652 AN Social Democrats
12 Iņa Aärnesen.jpg Iņa Aärnesen 1.IX.1652 AN – 1.IX.1664 AN Liberal-Centre Alliance
13 Maxine Karisson.jpg Maxine Karisson 1.IX.1664 AN – 1.IX.1676 AN Liberal-Centre Alliance
14 Hjaņ Tarekseev.jpg Hjaņ Tarekseev 1.IX.1676 AN – 1.IX.1688 AN United Conservatives
15 Ribe Särensen.jpg Ribe Särensen 1.IX.1688 AN – 1.IX.1700 AN United Conservatives
16 Jorgeņ Windsor.jpg Jorgeņ Windsor 1.IX.1700 AN – 1.IX.1712 AN United Conservatives
(coalition with Liberal-Centre Alliance)
17 Jan-Vorgeņ Väiner.jpg Jan-Vorgeņ Väiner 1.IX.1712 AN – 1.IX.1724 AN Social Democrats
18 Ädel Ämundsdótór.jpg Ädel Ämundsdótór 1.IX.1724 AN Social Democrats