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Ribe Särensen

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Ribe Särensen
Ribe Särensen.jpg
Prime Minister of Craitland
In office
1.IX.1688 AN – 1.IX.1700 AN
Monarch(s) Craitman VII
Deputy Lee Jespersen
Preceded by Hjaņ Tarekseev
Succeeded by Jorgeņ Windsor
Born 1647, Cherry Trees
Political Party United Conservatives
Profession Financial analyst
Alma mater University of Tiem

Ribe Särensen is a Craitish politician who was the nation's Prime Minister between 1.IX.1688 AN and 1.IX.1700 AN. A popular bipartisan politician who had previously declined calls to head the party, his premiership oversaw the first United Conservatives overall majority government since 1580 AN and enacted the "Great Consolidation" policies that saw a number of territories decolonised. Särensen's premiership also saw Craitland co-found and join the Xäiville Convention, a multi-national economic and trading bloc, alongside Mercury, Senya and Tellia.