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Kej Independence Party

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Kej Independence Party
Party logo
Founded 2017
Headquarters Xäiville
Political ideology Kej nationalism
Political position Centre
Colours Beige
Parliamentary seats
0 / 233

The Kej Independence Party, commonly referred to as the KIP, is a single-issue, centrist political party in Craitland which campaigns for increased autonomy for the Kej people.


The KIP was founded in 2017 following the collaboration between a number of independents in the counties of K'aĵräk, K'asan, K'eĵer, M'e-D'aar and Xäi; the Kej people's traditional homelands. It entered its first candidates in the 2017 general election.

General election history

Election Votes Seats
2017 general election 3,377
0 / 233
2018 general election 1,651
0 / 233
2019 general election 980
0 / 233
2020 general election 1,143
0 / 233