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Jan Loresen

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Jan Loresen
Jan Loresen.jpg
Prime Minister of Craitland
In office
1 Sept 2012 – 1 Sept 2013
King Craitman
Deputy Hjaņ Leone
Preceded by Hjaņ Leone
Succeeded by Älison Jorgeņ
Born 1967, Róndlinga
Political Party Social Democrats
Profession Marketer
Alma mater Biulya University

Jan Loresen is a Craitish politician who was the nation's Prime Minister between 1 September 2012 and 1 September 2013. Despite being considered a great influence in his predecessor's successful premiership, his own administration was received poorly by the public and analysts alike, due in part to a lack of policy execution, and a notable drop in support for the Social Democrats was subsequently witnessed.