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Politics of Craitland

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The politics of Craitland take place under a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the monarch, with the head of executive government being the Prime Minister. The nation's legislative is its parliament, which is a unicameral house of 233 seats elected via the mixed-member proportional representation system.


Executive branch

Legislative branch

Political parties

Craitland runs a multi-party system. There are five parties in Craitland which are considered to be "major" based on membership and voter support. These five parties are listed below in alphabetical order.

Name Ideology Political position MPs (1712)
  Liberal-Centre Alliance Classical liberalism, agrarianism Centre
52 / 233
  National Party Nationalism, protectionism Right-wing
4 / 233
  Social Democrats Social democracy, multiculturalism Centre-left
119 / 233
  Solidarity Democratic socialism, environmentalism Left-wing
13 / 233
  United Conservatives Conservatism, federalism Centre-right
45 / 233