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Craitish Defence Force

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Craitish Defence Force
Cräitelandóspul Defens Fórs
Country Craitland
Founded 1584 AN
Branches Air force, army, navy
Monarch of Craitland
Military age 18

The Craitish Defence Force, (Craitish: Cräitelandóspul Defens Fórs) is the national military of Craitland, composed of its air force, army and navy.


Despite Craitland's historical pacifism, the Craitish Defence Force was founded in 1584 AN, during the premiership of Prime Minister Hjaņ Leone, as a means of protecting national security. The Force's military responsibilities were enshrined purely in the defending of Craitland from foreign aggression from its foundation.

After a number of years with no significant developments, the Force underwent a minor restructuring in 1644 AN. The following year, the Force's first international coöperation was initiated, upon the membership of Craitland into the USSO. While maintaining its remit of direct national defence, the Force was employed in humanitarian efforts focused around the developments of the Hammish Civil War; directing and distributing civilian aid to the populations of areas affected by the conflict.


Air force


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