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Andre Karisson

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Andre Karisson
Andre Karisson.jpg
Prime Minister of Craitland
In office
1.IX.1628 AN – 1.IX.1640 AN
Monarch(s) Craitman IV
Craitman V
Deputy Hjaņ Berntsen
Preceded by Äthen Gaär
Succeeded by Hjaņ Berntsen
Born 1566, Cherry Trees
Political Party Social Democrats
Profession Academic
Alma mater Biulya University

Andre Karisson is a Craitish politician who was the nation's Prime Minister between 1.IX.1628 AN and 1.IX.1640 AN. He is credited with increasing the public support of the Social Democrats after a number of election failures, and introduced a number of reforms which helped reorganise Craitland's involvement on the international stage during his administration. He is the grandfather of subsequent Prime Minister Maxine Karisson.