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Hjaņ Tarekseev

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Hjaņ Tarekseev
Hjaņ Tarekseev.jpg
Prime Minister of Craitland
In office
1 Sept 2019 – 1 Sept 2020
King Craitman
Deputy Lee Jespersen
Preceded by Maxine Karisson
Succeeded by Ribe Särensen
Born 1984, Incontinentia
Political Party United Conservatives
Profession Investment banker
Alma mater University of Craitland, Incontinentia

Hjaņ Tarekseev is a Craitish politician who was the nation's Prime Minister between 1 September 2019 and 1 September 2020. The son of prominent Incontinentian politician Ramazan Tarekseev, he was the first person from a first-generation immigrant background to hold the position and his United Conservative premiership headed the first minority government in Craitish history.