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Kej people

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Kej people
Kej flag.png
Unofficial flag of the Kejs
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Craitland Craitland ~103,000
Craitish, Kej Craitish
Craitish paganism, Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Craitish people

Kej people, or Kejs, (Craitish: Kejś /keɣ/, /keʃ/) are a Germanic ethnic group native to Craitland.


Kejs are a nomadic people of Caucasian descent. While extremely culturally similar to Craits, Kej people are distinguished by their traditional lifestyle of nomadic farming and their linguistic differences; primarily speaking a distinct dialect of Craitish. The Kejs' name comes from the Craitish word for "river"; signifying the people's relationship with the waterways and lands of their home.


Other than the local government of the counties of their homeland, the Kejs have no level of autonomy within Craitland. In recent times, a vocal minority have campaigned for greater self-governance, which has culminated in the creation of the Kej Independence Party ahead of the 1652 general election.


Very few people of Kej descent are recorded to have emigrated from Craitland, with almost the entirety of their near-80,000 population remaining in their traditional homelands in the north-west of the province of Metzreäiĵer.