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Declaration of Buthminster

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The Declaration of Buthminster was an announcement made on behalf of the Victorian people on 16.XI.1702 AN which re-established the House of Brown as the kingdom's recognised royal family and inaugurated the eldest surviving legitimate heir of Victoria II, Craitman VII of Craitland, as king of Victoria. As its name suggests, the declaration was made in the city of Buthminster.


With the restoration of the Brown lineage, the traditional arms of Victoria last used under Victoria II were adopted once again.

The declaration established the following summarised points:

  • The right of the Victorian people to the self-determination of their governing;
  • The willingness of the Victorian people to reject the history of Vanicism and return to traditional Victorian rule;
  • To restore the senior living member of the founding House of Brown to the Victorian throne,
  • To peacefully return any former Victorian lands on Apollonia, whether unrecognised or claimed, to the Victorian people,
    • To then restore the seat of the Victorian government to the former capital of Riego;
  • To replace any Gotzer- or Storish-associated symbols in the nation with that of traditional Victorian or newly-approved imagery.

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