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Ellen Aarevalla

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Ellen Aarevalla
Ellen Aarevalla
Former Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1.VIII.1690 AN
Tenure ended 24.XV.1695 AN
Elected 1690
Faction Traditionalist
Order of the Holy Lakes Line of Haakon Bjarnarson (by marriage)
Physical description
Gender Female
Species Human
Race Lakkvian
Biographical information
Spouse(s) Jan Spiik
Date of birth 1650 AN
Place of birth Vesüha (Lakkvia Lakkvia)
Date of death 1714 AN
Place of death Liderai (Hurmu Hurmu)

Ellen Aarevalla was a Hurmu novelist, politician, and diplomat of Lakkvian ethnicity. Senator of the Lakes (1690–1695).

Literary career

Started writing novels as a young girl. Her early published novels from teenage years were crime novels. In her 30s, she experienced with science fiction and fantasy, while in her 40s, she moved on toward more realistic dramas about broken families. All her novels are written in Lakkvian. Many of them have been translated to Craitish, Istvanistani, and Hurmu Norse.

Political career

Her political career started in 1690 when her husband, Jan Spiik, convinced her to stand for election to the Senate of the Lakes. She was elected, and is on the foreign affairs committee of the Senate. She undertook her first official visit as Senator when travelling to Suqutra in Çakaristan, when representing the Senate at the signing ceremony of the Treaty between Hurmu and Çakaristan.

In 1712, she was appointed by Shahanshah Jaaguzan to Çakaristan's Order of Çakar (first class)

Private life

Married to Jan Spiik, former Lakkvian prime minister. Derived membership in the Order of the Holy Lakes through this marriage. They had three dogs, and live in the outskirts of Vesüha.


On 11.VI.1714, Ellen Aarevalla and her husband Jan Spiik were travelling in their autonomous self-driving car on the Liderai–Huyenkula highway, when, the car was derailed by a dragon's tail hitting the car. Following the derailing, Spiik and Aarevalla died from their injuries in Liderai General Hospital some three later.

Preceded by:
Đuro Karanović
Minister of Natural Resources (Hurmu)
Succeeded by
Alissa Guadalim
Preceded by:
Khabichijiin Bayanaganengri
Minister of Culture (Hurmu)
Succeeded by
Miran Ugljanin