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Liderai (Lakkvian: Liiderai; Hurmumol: Lideray) is a Hurmu city and municipality in the Lake District. With a population of 604,043, it is the Lake District's third-largest municipality (after Vesüha and Kaupang). While the city is located in the middle between the lakes of Nemb and Dawnuck, in the region known as Liderai bakkar (Liderai Slopes), the municipality itself has no territory toward Dawnuk but borders only the lake of Nemb.

Liderai borders the municipalities of Silmahall and Bakkaland to the east, Eldjaanion to the south, Vesüha to the west, and Kašmarand to the north.

On 11.VI.1714, Jan Spiik and his wife Ellen Aarevalla were travelling in their autonomous self-driving car on the Liderai–Huyenkula highway, when, the car was derailed by a dragon's tail hitting the car. Following the derailing, Spiik and Aarevalla died from their injuries in Liderai General Hospital some three hours later.

As sitings of these creatures had become vanishingly rare in modern times, the involvement of one in the death of Hurmu's first Prime Minister was a profound shock to the nation. For the entire month subsequent to the "accident", Liderai was subjected to continuous aerial surveys by the Hurmu Peace Corps as efforts were made to ascertain whether a lair had been established in the Lake District. The Peace Corps, assisted by the Hurmu Constabulary and the Allied Mission in Lyrica also conducted a sweep of the Liderai bakkar on foot, with teams of "beaters" accompanied by armoured patrol vehicles and heavy machine-gun crews. These searches however proved inconclusive.