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Prime Minister of Hurmu

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Prime Minister of Hurmu
Hurmu coat of arms.png
Coat of arms of Hurmu
Daniyal al-Osman.png
Name of incumbent
since 19.VII.1690
Style Senator
Residence Presidential House, Vesüha
Appointer Assembly of Representatives
Term Until 1696
Inaugural holder Jan Spiik
Formation 1690

The Prime Minister of Hurmu is the chief executive of all inland matters of Hurmu (foreign affairs and defence are delegated to the Senate). Since 1690, the prime minister is Daniyal al-Osman (CDH). His cabinet was sworn in the same year.

List of prime ministers of Hurmu

Portrait Name Birth Tenure Death Party Cabinet
Jan Spiik Vesüha (Lakkvia), 1645 (aged 66) 1690-06-13–1690-07-19 (30 days) Edasi Hurmu Cabinet (EdasiCDHLPPKoosLibMod.)

Daniyal al-Osman.png

Daniyal al-Osman 1641 (aged 70) 1690-07-19–present (21 AN years) Humanist/Coalition for Democratic Humanism 1st cabinet (CDH-LPP-Koos-Mod.; 1690–1695)
2nd cabinet (CDH-Edasi-Mod.; 1695–1702)
3rd cabinet (CDHSYEdasi; 1702–1704)
4th cabinet (CDHSYTrad.Ayr.; 1704–1708)
5th cabinet (CDHEdasiSYBlue SkiesHum.UATEinh.; 1708–1710)
6th cabinet (CDHEdasiHum.UATEinh.; 1710–present)