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The Apollonian Directorate of the Honourable Company (formally the ESB Group (Apollonia) Incorporated), established in 1687 AN, is a subsidiary corporation of the ESB Group, responsible for the trading and other activities of the Honourable Company and its subsidiaries across the continent of Apollonia.

The ESB Group retains a majority of the voting rights in the Apollonian Directorate, currently one-hundred percent of those available, and has the right to appoint or remove a majority of the members of the Board of Trade in the Apollonian Directorate. The President of the Board of Trade, in his capacity as Director of Apollonian Operations, retains a seat and full voting rights on the Board of Directors for the Honourable Company.

The formation of the Apollonian Directorate as a consolidated entity began with the registration of the company as a trading entity in the International Mandate following the evacuation of the Honourable Company's brokerage and associated trading ventures, previously known as ESB Jaris, from Elmaovo in the wake of the collapse of Krasnocoria in the year 1687. The Board of Trade established itself at the site of the Chief Residency on the island appropriated by the Honourable Company for its purposes in the port of Tiegang, whilst subordinate residencies, situated in Diamond Harbour, Port Farrar, Port Richard, & Racán in Floria, Blyth, Port St. Andre, and Tirlar, in the Natopian territories, and Hawshire in the Shirerithian off-shore holdings of far western Apollonia.

Residencies are primarily responsible for assembling cargoes, typically bulk consignments of raw materials and finished goods, for the yearly SATCo trade fleets bound for Chryse (Benacia) from Hawshire, Tassity (Tapfer) from Port St. Andre, and Punta Santiago (Eura) from Racán. Residencies also enjoy an indemnified limited liability to speculate for profit in local markets, to establish subsidiary enterprises, to bid for government outsourcing opportunities in their areas of responsibility, The Board of Trade and the residencies were also empowered to raise local forces for the defence and security of company assets, facilities, and trading vessels, although these would be subject to the overall oversight and control of the Security Directorate of the parent company.



Residencies and sub-residencies report to the Grand Residency, situated on Residency Isle in the International Mandate. Also subordinate to the Grand Residency is the Schola Scriptura of the Honoured Sons for the Apollonian Directorate.

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