The Promenade

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The Promenade is the capital and southern-most city of both the Autonomous State of Port Balaine and the Norfolk (Tymarian) Islands. The Promenade is connected to the other two islands of Port Balaine through a series of bridges and causeways, by road, as well as rail transport. It is not the largest nor most important commercial city in the country; that honour goes to Wellingdon. Administratively, it is part of Herm & St. Peter County.

The Promenade is served by The Promenade Helidrome (PBTP) and the Isle of Herm Aerodrome (PBIH). The city is also home to The Promenade FC and Port Balaine State University FC, both association football teams in the fourth division of the Port Balaine Superleague.

In 1706 AN the city was occupied by Florian armed forces in the Florian offensive on the archipelago, leading to the Florian annexation of the Commonwealth of Port Balaine.