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Arviður Andelarjunarbroðir

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Arviður Andelarjunarbroðir ur Vintra-Ansinum (born Aldin Vanadisarson Isammaður, in 1535; died 1652) was a Hurmu-born statesman associated with Hurmu, Barbary, Brookshire, and Elwynn. He is today best known as the grandfather of Liv Dravot and great great grandfather of Kaiseress Salome.

Born Aldin Vanadísarson Isammaður in 1535 in an encampment belonging to the Isam Tribe of the northern Cashma shore, his childhood was characterized by the nomadic life of his tribe. He was especially skilled at hunting, specializing in eagles and dragons. The Isam Tribe was though his childhood ruled by his mother, Vanadís. He had a sister, Rikja, whose daughter Sara married Daniel Kalirion.

At the age of 15, following the death of his parents in a car accident in Haraldsborg, Aldin was proclaimed the new Chief. After single-handedly taking down the largest dragons ever to have come to Hurmu, Aldin became known to the Senate of the Lakes, who in 1551, elected him to its membership. In Huyenkula, Aldin, who had never had any formal education whatsoever, was quick to learn the mechanics of government, law, and economy. He was soon appointed President of the Hurmu Reserve Bank.

Aldin took a liking to writing, and wrote children's books based on the legends and stories he had heard from his childhood.

In 1557, he changed his name to Arviður Andelárjunarbróðir úr Vintra-Ansinum, due to a spiritual awakening in his heart. He saw himself as a spiritual brother to Rashid Arsalani (hence Andelárjunarbróðir, brother of Andelarion), whom he had met in his dreams. He later came to believe, however, that it was Elijah who "travelled in time" and appeared to him in his dreams.

He was elected Jurist of the Small Commonwealth Court in 1558 (Later known as the MTO Court), a position he held for 4 years until his resignation.

Arviður's work for the Small Commonwealth Court took him often to Shireroth Proper, and he bought at house in Azarea in 1558. Azarea had a small Hurmudan community. He was soon elected president of the municipal council of the island. The Duke of Brookshire, Malliki Tosha, then named him Baron of K'Tzuni.

At that time, Arviður was not spending much time in Azarea, and its municipal council fell into anarchy. Demonstrations, led by Daniel Kalirion (then, in Azarea, known as Tanilo Lla'i), ensured that even Arviður's role as Baron of K'Tzuni was unsustainable. Arviður quickly packed his things, and moved back to Hurmu, leaving the position as Baron with Daniel.

In Hurmu, Arviður led a somewhat quiet life. He retreated back to his tribe among the northern shores of Cashma, where his sister was now the chieftain. He became responsible for the education of children. Having had little formal education himself, he established a school.

When Daniel Kalirion returned to Hurmu in 1562, he visited Arviður, and the two reconciled. Daniel took a liking to Arviður's niece, Sara Rikjudottar. Sara and Daniel, under a ceremony led by Arviður, were married by the northern shore of Lake Cashma.

Arviður was single until 1575, when he met Sól Míudottar of the same tribe (born 1543). The two had a son, Nilu Sólason, in 1577. In 1620, Sól died.

In 1590, the family relocated to Elwynn, where Arviður and his wife has since lived in comfortable retirement.

Nilu married in 1607 to a Norse woman, Kristina Djupvik (born in 1580), and had four children, some of whom, in turn, had children too:

Arviður died peacefully in Shirekeep in 1652, aged 117.

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