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Andelarion (Elw: ену Анделарион, enu Andelarion; Babkhi: Andilaryûn) is the northernmost settlement of the county of Cape Farewell and of the Elwynnese mainland, located in the bailiwick of Caligae. It is named after Andelarion House (Elw: Noos Andelarion, Farewellish: Andlarshus, Babkhi: Âl l-Andilaryûn). In Andelarion lies the headland which bears the county's name, Cape Farewell (Elw: Raq Farvel, Farewellish: Nes Farvel), which is also the Benacian continent's most northern point.

Andelarion has a population of circa 1,677 persons. Its central manor, Andelarion House, is famous for being the site where Prince Daniel was assassinated.

In Andelarion, there are memorials to the victims of the civil wars of Elwynn, as well as to Prince Daniel.

Andelarion is famous for its cathedral, which is the seat of the Church of Elwynn Diocese of Andelarion (Enu saqarion Andelarion).