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Malliki Tosha

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Malliki Tosha
Former Senator of Elwynn and Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1587
Tenure ended 1599 (in Elwynn 1600)
Senate(s) IV
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Race Sani
Biographical information
Father Paki Tosha
Mother Semisa du Grifos
Date of birth 1517
Place of birth Mortis Mercatoria
Date of death 1602

Malliki Tosha was a Brookshirian nobleman and legal scholar of Sani descent. Four-time Arbiter of the Imperial Judex (1544–1552, 1563–1564, 1567, 1587–1592), two-time Duke of Brookshire (1546–1552; 1555–1559), Prætor (1556–1557), Jurist of the Commonwealth Court (1558–1602), Chief Justice of Elwynn (1570–1591), Senator of Elwynn (1587–1600).

Malliki Tosha was born in Mortis Mercatoria, as the eldest child of Semisa du Grifos (her self a maternal grandchild of Kaiser Letifer I) and Paki Tosha. He had two siblings, a brother, Llanu'o Tosha du Grifos, and a sister Lasha du Grifos. He had a close relationship with his sister and his sister's two children, Malliki Nur Pinito, and Llanu'o Nur Pinito. He had no children of his own. Rumours during his lifetime said that he preferred the company of other men.

Cousin of Kaiseresses Anandja I and Anandja II. Belonged to the Ayreon-Kalirion dynasty through his mother. Despite his noble birth, his political theories constitute the foundation of the Socialist ideology Toshaism.

Preceded by:
Krasniy Yastreb
Duke of Brookshire
Succeeded by
Anandja du Grifos
Preceded by:
Kostalan Rottsaa
Duke of Brookshire
Succeeded by
Daniel Kalirion