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Kaiseress Anandja I

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Kaiseress Anandja I
Anandja du Grifos
Kaiseress anandja i.png
Former Kaiser of Shireroth
Began 1552
Ended 1555
Predecessor Kaiser Erasmas
Successor Kaiser Gaelen III
Steward Jacobus Loki (1552–1553)
Leo Dine (1552–1554)
Ardashir Moqtada Osmani (1554–1555)
Imperial Bloodline Grifos
Physical description
Gender Female
Biographical information
Father Kilas Foluso Mortis
Mother Vivantia du Grifos
Spouse(s) Andreas Derambolo
Issue See below
Date of birth 1531
Date of death 1620

Kaiseress Anandja I (1531–1620, Anandja du Grifos) was Kaiser(ess) of Shireroth (1552–1555). Her reign brought peace, love and happiness. Her reign was marked by rising economic activity after a dip in in the previous three years, and restore stable economy and imperial civil service as it was at the time of the Great Consolidation by Mors V.

The support for the sale of JASO to the highest bidder made her rule for some Shirerithians, like Erik Mortis, controversial. A rebellion however was knocked down and all Duchies pledged loyalty to the Kaiseress.

Personal life

She was the child of Vivantia du Grifos (1498–1575) and Kilas Foluso Mortis (1495–1542), and a grandchild of Marcus van der Graaf. As such, she belonged to several imperial lines, Mortis, Grifos, and Ayreon-Kalirion, though she reigned as a member of Grifos. Her sister was Kaiseress Anandja II

After her reign, she lived a quiet but sophisticated life outside Shirekeep, often seen tending to her dogs, dying in 1620 at the age of 89, surrounded by her 14 corgis. She was survived by her husband, Andreas Derambolo.

She had three children:

  • Aure Vivantia Mortis du Grifos (1559–1656)
  • Diana du Grifos (1561–1596)
  • Leto du Grifos (1563–1652)

Preceded by:
Malliki Tosha
Duchess of Brookshire
Succeeded by
William Strauss
Preceded by:
Kaiser Erasmas
Kaiseress of Shireroth
Succeeded by
Kaiser Gaelen III