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Duchess of Brookshire

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The title Duchess of Brookshire, known as Duke of Brookshire if held by a man, established in 11, before the formation of Shireroth, is Shireroth's most senior peerage. Currently held by the Kaiseress.

Tenure Name Comment
11–25 Helipov Agdam Self-proclaimed duke
25–40 Raynor Helipov Son of above
40–50 Fola Helipov Daughter of above
50–169 Raynor I Son of above
169–220 Mira Raynor Me'Jiliad Daughter of above
220–266 Raynor II
266–278 Arkin Raynor M'Jilliad
278–305 Jilliad Sail Raynor
305–315 Audur Sail Raynor
315–338 Raynor III
338–402 Moluck Raynor
402–410 Vivantia Raynor
410–428 Spall Raynor
428–476 Nasher Raynor
476–503 Rebecca Raynor
503–521 Swain Raynor
521–537 Lydia Raynor
537–584 Carbon Raynor
584–600 Askin Kar Raynor
600–605 Elizabeth Raynor
605–650 Kariad Raynor
650–745 Raynor IV
745–769 Angharad Raynor
769–836 Christina Raynor
836–900 John Raynor
900–972 Raynor V
972–1038 Corvid Raynor
1038–1056 Boabdil Raynor
1056–1076 Karajed Raynor
1076–1111 Femen Raynor
1111–1138 Serali Raynor
1138–1184 Katari Raynor
1184–1239 Raynor VI
1239–1269 Raynor VII
1269–1320 Padrig Raynor
1320–1337 Raynor VIII
1338–1355 Saeman Raynor
1355–1375 Raynor X
1375–1410 Alarik Raynor
1410–1462 Paul Raynor
1462–1465 Metzler I Duchy purchased by Metzler
1465–1466 Gaelen II Inherited from Metzler through last will and testament
1466–1468 Nick of Yardistan Inheritance through will
1468 Kian Raynor Appointed by Kaiser; son of Paul Raynor, abdicated upon taking on the kaisership.
1468–1469 Erik Metzler
1469–1482 Vivantia Mortis
1482–1490 Erik Mortis
1490—1497 Rakesh Ackbar Removed by the Kaiser
1497 Alexandra Decens 2 days
1497–1504 Shyriath
1504–1508 James Raine
1508–1514 Shyriath
1514–1533 Interregnum "New Feudalism"
1533–1537 Mors V
1537–1541 Erik Mortis
1541 Yvain Wintersong
1541 Harald of Froyalan 3 days
1541–1543 Yvain Wintersong restored
1543–1546 Krasniy Yastreb
1546–1552 Malliki Tosha great-great-great grandson of Paul Raynor
1552 Anandja I great-great-great granddaughter of Paul Raynor; first cousin of Malliki Tosha
1552–1553 William Strauss
1553–1555 Kostalan Rottsaa
1555–1559 Malliki Tosha great-great-great grandson of Paul Raynor
1559–1561 Daniel Kalirion great grandson of Paul Raynor
1561–1585 Interregnum Goldenbrook era, followed by the House System
1585–1588 Spraki Krumsson
Mira Raynora the Elder
1588–1589 Mira Raynora the Elder Queen
1589–1595 Mira Raynora the Elder Queen of Lichbrook, Duchess of Brookshire
1595–1614 Mira Raynora the Younger Queens of Lichbrook, Duchesses of Brookshire
1614–1649 Mira Raynora the Elder, Mira Raynora the Younger, Lyssansa Rossheim Queen of Lichbrook, Duchess of Brookshire
1650–1671 Vidar Salim Livarson great-great grandson of Daniel Kalirion
1671–present Salome daughter of Ayreon IV