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MTO Court

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The MTO Court, officially the Common Court of the Micras Treaty Organization, is an international court of justice established by the Convention on the Establishment of a Common Court. It is part of the Micras Treaty Organization system. Known as the Commonwealth Court before the MTO renaming from Small Commonwealth, it is, since 1705, headquartered in Vesüha, Hurmu.

Judges on the Court are called jurists. The Convention requires three jurists sitting together when judging a case. The current jurists, elected in 1706, are Janek Tryggve, Malik Farhaani, and Salina Talito Pasha.

The Court sat on one case, Steffke v Primate, after which the Court lost its chief jurist to resignation, and thereafter one associate jurist due to death, and finally, after associate jurist Malliki Tosha died in 1602, the Court jurists have since then been vacant.

For a while, the MTO Court was inscribed in the General Membership Treaty with jurisdiction to solve disputes under that Treaty, but this was removed a little bit later. As such, the MTO Court, today, has jurisdiction only over matters arising under the Convention on the Establishment of a Common Court, the Micras Intellectual Property Protection Act, and such matters that States agree to bring to the Court.