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Nathaniel Andre Utas Ayreon-Kalirion of Waffel-Paine (1586-1632) was Emperor of the Natopians (1607–1618), Prince of Elwynn (de jure 1604–1618; de facto: 1604–-1607; 1618), and Emir of Sathrati (1630–1632). Born a slave under the name of Roentje (or Jeroen, documents vary) in Barbary, Nathaniel was adopted by Emperor Nathan I and Prince Elijah Ayreon of Elwynn. He was declared dead (wrongly) in 1607, and a state funeral in absentia was held for him in Eliria. He died (really) the first time in 1618, before being resurrected in Athlon a few years later, before finally dying again in 1632 by turning into melted butter and scooped out and consumed in an act of communion in the Cathedral of Elijah's Rest.


Family and descendants

According to Barbarian documents, the biological father of Nathaniel was unknown (rumoured to be the Batavian slave-owner of Nathaniel and his biological mother). In Nathaniel's birth receipt, his mother was named Lientje. Lientje was born 1565 and had died in childbirth of Nathaniel's youngest biological sibling Roe (or Roeland) in 1690. It is believed that Nathaniel had 6 biological siblings on his mother's side. How many siblings derived from his biological father is unknown.

Nathaniel and Noor bint Daniyal (later Kaiseress Noor of Shireroth), both gay, agreed to marry in 1629 in order to further their dynasties. Impregnated through artificial insemination, Noor bore quadruplets, who have had descendants of their own. Nathaniel did not live to see his children grow up, them all being aged 2 at his death in 1632.

Childhood in Barbary

Adoption and later childhood and adolescence

Prince of Elwynn (first tenure)

Emperor of the Natopians

=== Prince of Elwynn (second tenure)

First death


Later life

Final death


Nathaniel is a former prophet and current saint in the Dozan Bovic Church, with the book entitled Message of Nathaniel the Returned in the Tetrabiblios having been dictated by Bous through him.

In Jingdao, Barbary and Sankt Ludwigshafen, there exists a different mythology about Nathaniel. In these countries, he is often referred to as Catodao (the way of Cato).

In the Barbarian Republic it is believed that Nathaniel returned to his homeland after his death in 1632. He is said to live on the Cliff of the Elders as a demigod. Many relics that supposedly belong to Nathaniel can be sold in the markets on the streets of Arvidsudde. For example, several dozen merchants claim to have formaldehyde filled jars with his eyes for sale.

Nathaniel was known as Catodao in Jingdao and the main character of the presumably lost literary work The Epic of Catodao. The work tells the story how Nathaniel was abducted or adopted, it depends on who you ask, from Barbary in Jingdao.

“I have called my boyfriend who is the King of the Natopians and we have decided to adopt you and raise you as a true Natopian son, your mind will be filled with heresy and you will do evil things."

- Epic of Catodao

Coat of arms

Coat of arms of Nathaniel
Emperor Nathaniel Personal.png
Armiger Nathaniel Andre Utas Ayreon-Kalirion of Waffel-Paine
Adopted 1607
Crest The imperial crown of Natopia
Torse A goat's head
Escutcheon Divided in four quarters. 1 and 4: Variation of Ziegeland. 2: Variation of Tas Neemia. 3: Variation of Elwynn. Iscutcheon: the coat of arms of Natopia.
Motto ἀδιάφορος, adiáphoros, Athlonian for "indifferent".
Orders medal of a Knight of the Order of the Black Hole
Other elements Below the shield, a yoke, symbolising the duty and burden of governance

In 1607, upon becoming Emperor of the Natopians, Nathaniel was granted his personal coat of arms, which he used as emperor as well. He also used this coat of arms as emperor emeritus, undifferentiated as his successors had their own variations of the coat of arms of Natopia as their own. After Nathaniel's final passing in 1632, his eldest son, Adam, inherited the coat of arms. When Adam was executed in 1644, his only child, Kaiser Ayreon IV, inherited it, and used it as his personal coat of arms in Natopia. Upon Ayreon's death in 1671, the coat of arms was passed to Salome, his eldest child.

Preceded by:
Deimos Jasonides
Prince of Elwynn (as claimed)
Succeeded by
Preceded by:
Deimos Jasonides
Prince of Elwynn
Succeeded by
Daniel Simrani-Kalirion
Preceded by:
Aasmund Vigeland as Chairman
Prince of Elwynn
Succeeded by
Preceded by:
Emir of Sathrati
Succeeded by
Noor bint Daniyal
Preceded by:
Christo Eucalyptos as Chancellor
Emperor of the Natopians
Succeeded by
Naian Moonoak