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Princess among the Lakes

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Princess among the Lakes (for women; Fyrstynna aa meðal sjooa; FamS) or Prince among the Lakes (for men; Fyrste aa meðal sjooa; FamS) is a title associated with the Order of the Holy Lakes. It is automatically bestowed upon those who have been or are the most senior legitimate heir of a Prince reigning over Hurmu.


Current Princes and Princesses among the Lakes are highlighted in green.

Portrait Who Tenure Succession from Birth Death Comment
Arms Ettlingar Freyu.png Harald of Stormark 1512–1685 Harald, 0 (himself) 1446 1685 Prince of Hurmu (1505–1512)
Rashidayreon.jpg Andelarion 1524–1544 Andelarion, 0 1450, Shahzamin, Babkha 1544, Raynor's Keep Prince of Hurmu (1512–1524)
Hurmu coat of arms.png Rashid Karyandzadeh Arsalani 1544–1574 Andelarion, 1 1472, Shahzamin 1574, Kamalshahr eldest son of Prince Andelarion
Hurmu coat of arms.png Shamil Avon-El 1574–1643 Andelarion, 2 1540, Elwynn 1643, Elwynn most senior living heir upon Rashid Karyandzadeh's death; Shamil was Rashid Karyandzadeh's younger brother's daughter's youngest son.
Hurmu coat of arms.png Rai Shamilion 1643–1653 Andelarion, 3 1568, Elwynn 1653, Elwynn Son of Shamil
Hurmu coat of arms.png Eskender Avon-El 1653–1666 Andelarion, 4 1591, Elwynn 1666, Elwynn Son of Rai Shamilion
Hurmu coat of arms.png Sara Eskenderion Avon-El 1666– Andelarion, 5 1622, Elwynn Eldest child of Eskender Avon-El
Hurmu coat of arms.png Marcus Eskender Avon-El Ayreon-Kalirion Myksos heir-presumptive Andelarion, h-p 1702, Kezan Oldest and only child of Sara Avon-El
Hurmu coat of arms.png Esther Ayreon-Kalirion 1586–1618 Daniel, 1 1565, Huyenkula 1618, Haraldsborg Eldest child of Daniel, Prince of Hurmu (1563–1586)
Jonathan2.jpg Jonathan Ayreon-Kalirion 1618–1629 Daniel, 2 1603, Hurmu 1629, Light Eldest child of Esther
King Noah4.png Noah of Elwynn 1629–1685 Daniel, 3 1616, Haraldsborg 1685, Stormark Middle child of Esther; younger brother of Jonathan
Esther Hearing Petitions Salle des Tétons.jpg Fatima of Arbor 1685–1703 Daniel, 4 1638, Humility Mount, Elwynn 1703
HakimbinAlsalam.png Hakim bin Alsalam 1703– Daniel, 5 1682, Hyfrost Eldest child of Fatima of Arbor
Atiya bint Alsalam 1703– Daniel, h-p 1682, Hyfrost Second child of Fatima of Arbor
NathanWPavatar.png Nathan of Waffel-Paine 1589–1607 Waffel-Paine, 0 1455, Lindström 1607, Lindström Prince of Hurmu (1586–1589)
Nathaniel2.jpeg Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion 1607–1632 Waffel-Paine, 1 1586, Barbary 1632, Elijah's Rest Eldest child of Nathan
Adam.jpeg Adam Anushiruwân 1632–1650 Waffel-Paine, 2 1630, Ardashirshahr 1650, Ura'Bos Eldest child of Nathaniel
Kaiserayreoniv.png Kaiser Ayreon IV 1650–1671 Waffel-Paine, 3 1645, Raynor's Keep 1671, Raynor's Keep Only child of Adam
Salome.1688.png Kaiseress Salome 1671– Waffel-Paine, 4 1665, Raynor's Keep Eldest child of Kaiser Ayreon IV
Varmland coa.png Ichirō heir-presumptive Waffel-Paine, h-p 1693, Kigazeki
Ayreon2.jpg Elijah Ayreon 1592–1589 Elijah, 0 1571, Huyenkula 1598, Walstadt
Nathaniel2.jpeg Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion 1598–1632 Elijah, 1 1586, Barbary 1632, Elijah's Rest
Adam.jpeg Adam Anushiruwân 1632–1650 Elijah, 2 1630, Ardashirshahr 1650, Ura'Bos Eldest child of Nathaniel
Kaiserayreoniv.png Kaiser Ayreon IV 1650–1671 Elijah, 3 1645, Raynor's Keep 1671, Raynor's Keep Only child of Adam
Salome.1688.png Kaiseress Salome 1671– Elijah, 4 1665, Raynor's Keep Eldest child of Kaiser Ayreon IV
Varmland coa.png Ichirō heir-presumptive Elijah, h-p 1693, Kigazeki
Hurmu coat of arms.png Aaden Allot 1594–1596 Aaden, 0 1560, Arazion 1596 Line extinct
Hurmu coat of arms.png Amund Einhornsson 1598–1610 Einhorn, 1 1565, Konungsheim 1610, Konungsheim Eldest child of Tarjei Einhornsson, Prince of Hurmu (1597–1598), had issue though none legitimate
Hurmu coat of arms.png Sigrid Einhornsdatter 1610–1645 Einhorn, 2 1567, Konungsheim 1645, Elijah's Rest Second child of Tarjei Einhornsson, Prince of Hurmu (1597–1598)
Hurmu coat of arms.png Gaute Kristoffer Gruntland-Einhorn 1645–1680 Einhorn, 3 1590 1680 Eldest child of Sigrid Einhornsdotter
Hurmu coat of arms.png Hilde Fryd Gruntland-Einhorn 1680–1695 Einhorn, 4 1593 1695, Huyenkula Eldest child of Gaute Kristoffer
Hurmu coat of arms.png Åshild Einhorn Bratland 1695– Einhorn, 5 1612 Eldest child of Hilde Fryd
Hurmu coat of arms.png Monica Oline Einhorn Likness 1704– Einhorn, 6 1630 Eldest child of Åshild Einhorn Bratland
Hurmu coat of arms.png Robin Einhorn heir-apparent Einhorn, h-a 1656 Eldest child of Monica Oline Einhorn Likness


There is some dispute, however, with regard to the princely status of Fatima, Salome, and Sara. Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion claims that the legitimate line of Harald died out in 1685 during the end of Stormark, due to Esther Ayreon-Kalirion's marriage with Hallbjörn was annulled due to being illegal in its form (and thus descendants from it, like Noah, and through Noah, Fatima, are not legitimate). Furthermore, Daniyal ibn Daniyal contends that adoptees shall not be regarded as legitimate descendants for the purposes of primogeniture in the line of princes among the lakes, and as such Nathaniel could never had inherited the status.

Moreover, Daniyal ibn Daniyal claims the title prince among the Lakes for himself as well, thereby disputing also the princely status of Sara Avon-El. The title was claimed by his mother, Isabella Simrani-Kalirion, who had disputed the succession of Rashid Karyandzadeh to Shamil Avon-El. When Rashid Karyandzadeh died, he died also at the same time as his own son, Daniel Naelion. Daniel Naelion's wife, Noor bint Jalil, was pregnant with Daniel's son. Noor gave birth to a son, also named Daniel, two weeks after the baby Daniel's father's death. As such, Isabella contended, the succession should have passed onto Daniel Simrani-Kalirion:

  1. Rashid Andelarion
  2. Rashid Karyandzadeh
  3. Daniel Simrani-Kalirion
  4. Isabella Simrani-Kalirion
  5. Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion
  6. Lors Bakker-Kalirion (heir presumptive), legitimised son of Daniyal ibn Daniyal)
  7. Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman (claimant), brother of Daniyal ibn Daniyal

Thus in the view of Daniyal ibn Daniyal, there are only two princes among the lakes, himself, and Åshild of the line of Einhorn.

Siseranist dispute

Contrary to the general opinion in Hurmu, some fringe groups such as the Siseranist Temple of Vesüha and the Princess Sisera Brigade claim that the list of Princes of the Lakes is incomplete. They claim that the Jingdaoese empress Sisera should also be considered a Princess of Hurmu. The mainstream view that Sisera came to Hurmu to destroy it in the Hurmu Genocide is rejected by them. Siseranist claims are usually backed by books published by scholars of the Ecclesiastical Academy of Pentapolis, like professor Zhan Pow who advocated the conquest and colonisation of Hurmu by Jingdao in the 1670s. Such claims are considered to be both distasteful and ignorant in Hurmese society.

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