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New Luthoria

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Region of New Luthoria
Région de Nouveau Luthorie
Región de Nueva Luthoria

Region of Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
Flag of the Region of New Luthoria
Coat of arms of theRegion of New Luthoria
Coat of arms

Location of the Region of New Luthoria

Motto Malo mori quam foedari
(Death rather than dishonour)
Subdivision Region
Capital New Luthoria
Largest cities Pharos
 - Ranked
 - Ranked
Viceroy Governor Alejandro Castillo y Martinez
Prime Minister Martha Escalera
Legislature Regional Assembly of Luthoria
Established 1687 AN
Local religion
Time Zone


The Region of New Luthoria is a Region of the Federation of Nouvelle Alexandrie, comprising of several islands located in the Captive Sea. The largest and main island is called Skerryvore (also known as Pharos), which is split between Nouvelle Alexandrie and Phinbella. With the acquisition of West Skerry in 1696 AN, the Region grew to include the islands of Dundas, Newport, Taras, and West Sandwich. New Luthoria has a population of 6,812,981 1693 AN.

The Region of New Luthoria became a part of Nouvelle Alexandrie in 1687 AN, when the Federal Navy of Nouvelle Alexandrie began to clamp down on piracy and threats on its important routes back and forth its metropoles on the continents of Eura and Keltia. With the support of the New Alexandrian Government and its ambitious expansion plans under the New Prosperity Plan, the New Luthoria Settlement Company was granted powers by the government to settle the area with the support of the Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie and several well-equipped "settler militias" under the supervision of the New Luthoria Settlement Company. Under the New Luthoria Settlement Company, Nouvelle Alexandrie resettled thousands of Alexandrians, Caputians, and many others who had answered the call to settle and expand into the islands. Subsequently, New Luthoria also became an important refuge for castaways or shipwreck survivors, also serving as an important rescue station for the Federal Coast Guards.

The Region of New Luthoria gained Region status officially in 1689 AN, where the Regional government was officially formed and organized, scrapping and replacing the New Luthoria Settlement Company's power over it. New Luthoria is known for its rich cultural heritage and an economy that is currently based on tourism, offshore finance, fishing, and naval industry.