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Augustus Strong

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Augustus Strong
Augustus Strong.png
Physical information
Species Human
Race Alexandrian (Luthorian)
Gender Male
Hair color and style Bald
Eye color Blue
Skin color White (tanned)
Biographical information
Date of birth 1626 AN (99 AN years old)
Place of birth Luthoria
Residence(s) Residency Isle, International Mandate
Nationality Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
Occupation Politician, tea planter, soldier (retd)

Coronel Augustus Strong, GKKC (retd), born 12.VI.1626 AN in New Berlin (Mehrshahr), Luthoria. Politician, officer, colonial administrator, settler, tea planter. A member of the Alexandrian and Caputian diasporas he was, in consequence, one of "that generation whom fate had made acutely aware of the painful impermanence of settled nations on Micras".

An erstwhile Caputian - Augustus Strong made his name as the commander of the reconnaissance mission which laid the foundations for the ultimately ill-fated settlement of the regions around Lake Morovia. Governor of Morovian-Patrovia, administering the colonial settlement of the region he had reconnoitred, Augustus was a partisan of the administration led by Royston Merrick during the dying days of the Caputian state. Exonerated by a court of honour in regards to certain allegations that had bedevilled the old regime, Augustus oversaw the evacuation of the remaining settlers under his charge into the territories of the Wechua, thereafter taking service in the armies of the Sapa Wechu during the travails of that nation. A member of the N&H Club in Parap, Augustus aligned with the Federalists and Raspurists during the period of the Alduro-Wechuan Federation and was rewarded with a fresh commission to participate as a Colonel during the pacification of Lyrica. The benefit of this latest period of service was manifested in the receipt of a tea plantation in North Lyrica.

Led an active campaign on behalf of the Federal Humanist Party in the 1693 Nouvelle Alexandrie General Election which saw the party obtain the largest overall share of the vote but fall short of an absolute majority. Acclaimed as Co-Archon of an affiliate National Sector Party on 10.I.1694 AN. Received letters patent from the Crown on 3.III.1694 AN appointing him President of the Government of National Unity which was formed by the FHP with the Cambio Democrático, and the Digger's Society, and envisaged to run from 1694 AN to 1699 AN. Under the terms of the coalition agreement the Presidency and Vice-Presidency would rotate between FHP and Cambio control on an alternating annual basis.

In 1699, with the effective re-election of the government via a Federal Humanist Party majority under Gerhardt Eugen Seydlitz as standard-bearer, he received the appointment of Vice President of the Government and concurrent role of Secretary of Defense. Following his retirement from politics in 1704 AN, Augustus received an appointment from the ESB Group (Apollonia) to serve as Inspector of the educational establishments and apprenticeship programmes of the Honourable Company throughout the continent of Apollonia. It was also widely speculated that Augustus was comforted in his retirement by a series of prudent investments made in biomedical research which began to pay generous dividends for him. The suggestion that the funds for those investments had come courtesy of kickbacks and gratuities bestowed in return for defence procurement contracts awarded in favour of ESB Susa was a calumny that all parties concerned vigorously denied. Raised to the dignity of Grand Knight Commander of the Order of the Great Kingdom of Constancia on on 15.I.1704, with a very symbolic concurrent appointment to the rank of Taxiarchos (Brigadier) in the Imperial Constancian Army, on the retired list.

The rebuilding of Mehrshahr under the sovereignty of the Suren Confederacy interested him greatly, and from 1700 AN he contributed generous sums to the restoration of the Babkhan quarters of the city. Subsequently, in 1705 AN, he would spend six months in the city as a guest of the Surenid Shahbanu, accorded every hospitality and the fulfilment of every desire during his stay.

For a number of years he also resided in grace and favour apartments located on Residency Isle, the ESB-controlled cantonment in the International Mandate.

On 22.I.1721 AN Augustus was caught in a bomb blast whilst entering a restaurant situated in the Mehrshahr Special Economic Zone. He was however extremely fortunate, and escaped with minor injuries, although a number of his companions were not so fortunate. The attack was attributed to the Confederacy of the Dispossessed, who later released a press statement claiming credit for the bombing.