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Gerhardt Eugen Seydlitz

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The Rt. Hon.
Gerhardt Eugen Seydlitz
Minister of Reconstruction and Infrastructure
MP for Gotfriedplatz, Isles of Caputia
Assumed Office XXXXXXX
Government XXXXXXX
Predecessor XXXXXXX
Successor XXXXXXX
Political Affiliation National Unity Party
Residence Trebnitz House
Born 1624
Gotfriedplatz, Isles of Caputia
Signature xxxxxxxx

Gerhardt Eugen Seydlitz was Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia, and was President of Alduria when it was a sovereign state, and also served as Secretary of the Department of Research and Development of the Government of National Unity of the Federation of Nouvelle Alexandrie.

With the victory of the Federal Humanist Party during the New Alexandrian general election, 1698, securing a majority in the Federal Assembly and winning 56.6% of the popular vote – the highest percentage for any party since the creation of the Federation in 1675 AN - he took office as President of the Government of Nouvelle Alexandrie, serving until 1703.

Resumed seat as Deputy for the Isles of Caputia in the Cortes Federales of Nouvelle Alexandrie from 1704 - 1708.

Served as Secretary of the Interior under President of the Government Felipe de Almagro, as well as concurrent Governor of the Isles of Caputia until 1713 after Federal Humanist Party victory in the New Alexandrian general election, 1708.

Retained the position of Secretary of the Interior under President of the Government Felipe de Almagro after the very successful New Alexandrian general election, 1713.


Born and raised in Gotfriedplatz, Isles of Caputia. Father was into banking and business, mother was a secretary and a housewife. Studied Economics at the University of New Kirriemuir, took Master's in Urban Design and Urban Planning at Geneva, in the Empire of the Alexandrians. Commissioned a Lieutenant of the Royal Caputian Army on 6.II.1655. Transferred from the Active List to the Reserve List on 15.VI.1655.

Member of the National Unity Party, Member of Parliament for the Gotfriedplatz Isles. Appointed Minister of Reconstruction and Infrastructure, and Lord Great Chamberlain under the administration of Prime Minister Christophe Landry on 12.VI.1655.

Appointed, by Order-in-Council on 26.II.1658, President and Chief Executive of CapuGas, Royal Energy Company of Caputia, Royal Railways Corporation, Caputian Construction Corporation, Caputian Cement Corporation, Caputian Gold Corporation, Caputian Paper Corporation, Caputian Petrochemical Corporation, served until 13.XIII.1665.

Sworn in as Prime Minister, 13.XIII.1665. As Prime Minister, appointed by Order-in-Council as Chairman of all Caputian State Corporations, from 13.XIII.1665 - 22.XV.1668.

Elected Party Secretary and Member of the National Executive Committee of the National Unity Party, 10.XIV.1655. Elected Party Leader, 24.XI.1659.


Granted residence, asylum, and nationality in the Imperial State of Constancia, 22.II.1669. Employed as a government consultant and a minor administrative official.


Emigrated to Alduria and granted citizenship on 22.VI.1672.

Member of the Liberty and Democracy Party. Elected to the Aldurian Parliament. Appointed Secretary of the Department of the Interior. Elected President of Alduria.

Deposed by the 1685 Aldurian coup d'état.

Nouvelle Alexandrie

Appointed co-chairman, alongside Augustus Strong, of the Federal Humanist Party (1693 AN). Acclaimed as Co-Archon of an affiliate National Sector Party on 10.I.1694 AN.