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Allied Mission in Eastern Apollonia, Hurmu & Lyrica

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Allied Mission in Eastern Apollonia, Hurmu & Lyrica
Logo of the mission
Abbreviation AMEAHL
Formation 1685 AN
Type Regional stabilisation mission
Status Active
Headquarters Beaufort, North Lyrica
Contributing Forces
Withdrawn Contingents
Commander Augustin Alatriste

The Allied Mission in Eastern Apollonia, Hurmu & Lyrica (AMEAHL) was established in 1685 AN by the decision of the Raspur Pact as reported in its communique issued upon the occasion of the conclusion of the meeting of the Permanent Commission of the Allied Powers held in Hareffa Lunti (Sanama). The allied mission integrated into the Yak Tail Banner Group various national missions and initiatives in the former Antican territorial space, a region that would shortly be transformed by the liberation of Lyrica from Stormarker occupation in that same year and the subsequent collapse of key USSO-member Krasnocoria in 1687.

AMEAHL would oversee the transfer of ESB personnel to the International Mandate, the consolidation of an allied beachhead around Ijubicastagrad Harbour and the subsequent introduction of Alduro-Wechua garrisons onto the islands of Jaris and neighbouring Lyrica where in the latter instance the Pact forces would commence a programme of civil and military assistance to the Hurmu Trust Territory.

The Mission faced the difficult task of supporting Hurmu in its efforts to intern or suppress those Elwynnese and Zeedic garrisons assigned to the mission which had fallen into belligerency towards the Raspur Pact, in 1692 AN1693 AN.

The Florian contingent was withdrawn from the region following the demise of Jaaland in 1707 AN.

The Allied Mission in Eastern Apollonia, Hurmu & Lyrica was heavily engaged in the suppression of the Great Vanic Revolt and subsequently rendered assistance to Hurmu with the Special Administrative Action in the Southern District (1711 AN1713 AN).

Contributed allied forces

As of 1710 AN:

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