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Jaris (pronounced CHAIR-us) is an island on Micras off the coast of Apollonia, and has been known as the the Republic of Jaris, the Kingdom of Jaris, and as the Grand Duchy of Jaris as well as by other names. For most of its history it has been ruled by Shireroth but in more recent years was controlled by Antica and Alexandria.


Founded by Regis Philban, a/k/a Joe Whit, a/k/a Joe Whittaberg. At first a republic, later a Kingdom. Great respect was always shown to the Founder, who ruled during Jaris' entire independant exisitance with one short hiatus. Famous for it's military, originally of mounted hordes, later modernized with pink dirigibles.

Possesion of Jaris was disputed between Shireroth and Emperor Jacobus until Jacobus signed over his rights to the Kaiser of Shireroth in late 2005.

Not long after the signing over, Babkha and its Grand Commonwealth felt endangered by the Shirerethian power so close to the terre De Riches. Thusly Babkha instigated the Jaris War.


(courtest of Scott siskind) Centrally located between the Imperium of Cognito and Lac Glacei and Lyrica, Jaris is of extreme strategic importance. After a Cognitan emperor of the Jacobin dynasty launched a failed attack on Lyrica in the first century ASC, the two nations were extremely hostile, although there was a weak pro-Cognitan faction in Lyrica which gained power from time to time, decreasing the intensity of the conflict. But by the fifth century, animosity had extended to the point where the Cognitans were building an armada to take Lyrica by the sea. As part of this plan, the outlying island of Jaris, which was formerly unpopulated, was colonized by a number of Cognitan sailors and military men as an important supply base. As the invasion fleet grew, two more outposts were set up. Yet the invasion failed, miserably, and led to a Lyrican counterattack in which Jaris was taken completely and Lyrican troops pushed all the way to the gates of Ergosum, the Imperial capital. Fearful of a revolt and mindful of the strategic importance of the isle, the Lyricans launched a successful colonization effort, and soon they outnumbered the original Cognitan population by a significant margin. When the Empire took Jaris back in 735, they too tried colonization, but less successfully - by this time a distinct Jarisean culture had formed that the Cognitans could not supplant. In 801, a treaty between the victorious Lyrica and the now-defeated Empire gave Jaris back to the Lyricans, but this time Jaris was not willing to be traded like a pawn. Under the leadership of Governor Philban, they revolted, and fought off both sides for nearly a century. Finally, though, they wearied of war, and Philban's son approached the Kaiser of Shireroth about making it a Duchy in exchange for protection. The Kaiser agreed, and Joe Whittaberg, a leading pro-Shireroth citizen, was made the first Duke. Meanwhile, the war's effect on the Empire and Lyrica was no less drastic. Lyrica collapsed completely into anarchy because of protests, and Cognito joined Tymaria as a state.

Jariseans, although now a Duchy, still feel a close bond to the Empire of Cognito and Lac Glacei. Due to their distance from Shirekeep, very few of them are interested in Shirerothian politics, and most are content to let the Kaiser run things with minimal input, making Jaris Shireroth's least active Duchy.