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Jacobus, (a/k/a Emperor Jacobus, Jacobus Imperator, Jacobus B.S. Kahuneamea, Jacobus Loki), first made his modern micronational appearance on December 10th, 1999. His first posts were titled "Jacobus, successor to Norton I". (This was later clarified in that Jacobus saw himself as sucessor to HIH Norton I in spirit, not as 'Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico".)

Jacobus has been alternately a figure of fun, an arrogant so-and-so, a whipping boy, a freedom fighter and a lightning rod. His self-declared status as "Emperor of Cyberia" landed him in hot water from on end of the microworld to the other. At one time he may very well have lead micronationalism (as a whole) in number of countries he had been banished from.

Recent Citizenships

Jacobus Loki is currently a citizen of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, of Ashkenatza, and of Nelaga. He was a Citizen of Dura and briefly claimed the crown. He was also briefly President of the revived Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia.

In December of 2007, all of his posts mysteriously disappeared from the Morovian forum, as well as all posts in the Forum of the Democratic Centre, his Morovian home. He the left the Kingdom of Morovia where had been Minister of Information.

He resigned from the Federal Republic of Cyberia, in the hopes that his departure might allow the country to explore new opportuntites.

Previous Citizenships

Jacobus had previously been a citizen of:

He has been a member of the following political parties:

He has claimed to be the emperor of Cyberia.

Morovian intervention

During the civil war in Morovia, declared himself as Interim Regent, in an attempt to save the throne of the rightful King, Vincent III. When Morovia was reclaimed by Morovians, he recognized their government and withdrew his forces.


Gave rise to the term "Jacobist", used as a compliment by his supporters, and as an invective by those disdainful of his satiric style. By Article 5 of the infamous Treaty of Shirekeep, Jacobus explicitly admtted and renounced any claims to Cyberia, Attera or Morovia. He has since abrogated the treaty. The reasons for this include multiple,constant and ongoing alleged violations by citizens of the VCC, including the President and the negotiator. Thus Jacobus' side claim that the VCC negotiated in knowing bad faith.

Jacobus was proud of his collection of alter egos, each created for a specific purpose, or to tell a story or make a point. His detractors claim Jacobus creates aliases in order to affect election results and hide his record. He often claimed control over a number of nations in the manner of Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. He has often advocated the overthrow of many tyrannical governments in the manner of George W. Bush, President of the United States of America.

In 2004 Jacobus was put on trial in absentia in the High Court of the Solomonic Empire of Attera, under High Judge Graius for inciting revolution and posting under a false login. As a sovereign, he did not deign to honor the court with his presence. The case raised issues in Atteran law over the trial of foreign nationals, and of ex post facto applications of the law, along with double jeopardy. The court ruled in favor of ex post facto laws. Jacobus put up no defense, and so was successfully convicted by the court, and sentenced to 90 days exclusion from the Empire. Since he did not go there, the sentence was of no effect.

It was not the first time Jacobus was involved with Attera. Mikel T'zion served a regent of the Jacobus' United Imperium during the Emperor's absence in 2000. He later had a falling out with T'zion over the TYSOG scandal in Tymaria. In 2003 he issued Letters of Marque and Reprisal against the Atteran Empire as one of the micronations who defied him by supporting his archrivals, the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia. Jacobus had faded from the active micronational scene on Micras, and the Emperor of Attera was overthrown by his own people. So that feud should be ended.

Later Career

Jacobus was instrumental in compliling the Cyberian Memorial, a listing of Cyberians who were, in his words, "left, were driven out, or just plain couldn't take it anymore."

Emperor Jacobus had accepted the position of Imperator Rex Emeritus during the renewal Lac Glacei. He has also found a new way to express himself on Wikis, writing about the history he has made or witnessed. He holds some unpopular opinions, and frequently has to rewrite and defend his contributions from political rivals.

The continued whithering of both Cybewrias cause many to hope for the final end of the conflict between Jacobus and the VCC.

Jacobus was elected President of the Federal Republic of Cyberia on March 12, 2006, and re-elected twice. He did not seek re-election in the March 2007 elections, and was been succeeded by Tim Dunkin.

Grand Duke Ryan having left Lac Glacei and micronationalism, and finding no one in authority in Lac Glacei or in Cognito, by his authority as Founder and as Emperor Emeritus, Emperor Jacobus on October 17, 2006 resumed personal rule over the territory.

See: http://shireroth2.kuroshiro.net/forum2/viewtopic.php?t=7004 for the consent of Grand Duke Ryan and that of the Kaiseress of Shireroth.

On May 31st, 2007, the former Duchy briefly became a territory of the Federal Republic of Cyberia. After torrential floods and hurricanes battered Federal Cyberia, the FRC withdrew from all overseas territory. As Duke of Yardistan, Jacobus lead a volunteer force to re-occupy Cognito on behalf of Shireroth. In in January of 2008 he was instumental in persuading Shireroth to annex the previous claims of the FRC on Micras.

2008 FNORD

He was awarded the 2008 FNORD for history.


Recent Photo


Jacobus seems to have moved away from his long term function as micronational troublemaker and lighting rod, restricting himself to periodic attempts to usurp the Golden Mango Throne. How long this will last is not known.