Florimell-class Troop Landing Ship

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A troop landing vessel developed for the Black Legions of Benacia Command during the conquest of the Benacian Archipelago after the Kalirion Fracture. Offered for sale to third parties after 1675 AN.



Authorised under Directive 1672/D5/002 the Florimell-class Troop Landing Ship (length 57 m x beam 15.80 m x draught 8.76 m) is fabricated utilising non-strategic materials, namely heat resistant treated wood, with quantities of aluminium, copper, and steel kept to an absolute minimum. Vessels to be constructed to house four-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine System and fuel for 2,500 km of independent sailing without refuelling. Vessels to require no more than forty persons to operate and to be capable of carrying a complement of one-hundred and twenty persons plus stores.