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This is an article about Natopia. Click here for more information.

Luix-Satyria Scientific-Production Association LLC

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A subsidiary of ESB Cibola, the Luix-Satyria Scientific-Production Association LLC, formed 20.XIV.1689 AN, comprised of one R&D institute, with an engineering design bureau and six numbered manufacturing plants intended to put developed products into batch production. Situated in the mainland portion of Luix-Satyria (Waffel Plains). As of its foundation date the company comprised of a foundational cadre of 40 persons directly employed by ESB Cibola, supported by 8 technical specialists seconded from the ESB Design Bureau (ESB Tapfer), and advertised vacancies for 1,470 direct-hire employees.

Security for the site is provided by the 5th (Teuycože) Cossack Cavalry Regiment of the ESB-Kosaken-Brunïakis-Afzælt.

Product range