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Anushiruwân Institute of the Humanities

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A Humanist Institute established in late 1713 AN, situated adjacent to the Mandible Hill barracks in the Principality of Whales. The Institute is established to provide a Humanist education for the scions of notables in the service of the Honourable Company, the Nationalist & Humanist Party, the Raspur Pact, and the Order of the Holy Lakes. In line with Humanist educational theory, the establishment is open to the enrolment of children from the age of seven and upwards. Suitable candidates from amongst the student body may be referred onto the N&H Future Leadership Programme.


The Institute is named for Adam Anushiruwân, (1630–1650), the prodigal eldest son of the marriage between Noor and Nathaniel, who gained lasting fame for his slaying of the Kattei Emperor during the brief excursion of the Euran War to Walstadt in 1638 AN. The feat was notable for the young Adam had only been a child of eight year's old when he struck off the captive Emperor's head with a meat-cleaver, albeit under the guidance and supervision of Honoured Sons of the ESB Group. Whilst Adam would attain a certain notoriety in his subsequent career, he would remain celebrated in certain circles for this one act.

Notable alumni